The Amsterdam Fashion Academy is an international private boutique academy offering Fashion with Textiles Design and Fashion Business University awarded Bachelor Honours degree courses and a one year Fashion Foundation course.

The validated degrees are aligned with UK Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) standards. With a highly qualified and experienced team, we offer a unique studying experience in an international environment.


Our Short course Programmes

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The Amsterdam Fashion Academy, a high-end, sophisticated and charming boutique academy. Small-scale, personal, student-centred learning in a supportive environment which ensures that every individual student is seen as just that: an individual, with their own individual needs and talents which we can foster and ensure that they each get the support and assistance they require to 

develop their talents to the full.

When you think of personal, student-centred, small-scale supportive education where everyone knows and helps each other, than think of the Amsterdam Fashion Academy. An international private fashion academy offering several Bachelor degree courses where personal attention and focus on individual talent are key.



Meet our team 

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Our Part time course Programmes 

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However much you may want to, a fact of modern life is that not everyone has the time to complete a full 3 year bachelor course. So we’ve decided to go with the times and bring you customised bespoke courses to suit your individual specific needs.

It is now possible to become a part-time student and just follow the modules most relevant to you. Courses are designed to enable participants to select from several modules in order to build a study that meets their specific requirements.


Meet our students 

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